Southern New England : North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)

OSAGE SAGE on point
Mother of multiple NAVHDA VCs

OSAGE DUXUN LIMITED aka "TEAL" competing in Rally


We have lived and worked with dogs for many, many years. Our companions of the past have been German Shepherds, Akitas and Golden Retrievers. All of these were excellent dogs in their own respect and we loved them very much. When our first Spinone, Sage, came to live with us, it changed our world in a way we never expected. Sage opened a world of companionship we had never experienced before. She was not only a remarkable house companion, but she was our first "hunting buddy". We developed a relationship with this individual dog that exceeded anything we could even imagine. How extraordinary to go out into the fields and woods in search of game with a dog that knew exactly what to do, and who successfully worked game to the benefit of all involved. Her abilities were tremendous. How very lucky we were to have such a dog in our lives - an exceptional hunter, an extraordinary companion, a beautiful dog.

We believe that the Spinone is first and foremost a working field dog. To deny these dogs the opportunity to work for game is truly a shame. To deny them the opportunity to work WITH you for game is certainly beyond a shame. Our mission at OSAGE KENNEL is to continue to produce fine personal gun dogs for upland game and waterfowl. We endeavor to give each of the puppies we produce the chance at a "perfect" life - good health, a loving and understanding home, and the opportunity to hunt with their human companions. We hope to give each of our new puppy owners the chance to experience what we did with Sage - the experience of living and hunting with a Spinone of character, class and style. What more could you want? Call and talk "dogs" with us - we enjoy sharing our experiences and love of the breed!

~ Jeff and Sue Rhodes


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